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Flippin' Fish Since


what is a hunger monger?

A Fishmonger, by definition, sells Seafood, normally in its raw state; as a Butcher is to Meat, a Fishmonger is to Seafood.

A Hunger Monger, by definition, satiates Hunger, by preparing Seafood in a Restaurant near the very Pacific Ocean from which it is captured, and providing it to you in a relaxed environment for you to enjoy with Friends and Family. 

Hospitality is our endgame.

It started with a love for seafood...

After twenty years working with every kind of food there is, the attraction for the simplicity of seafood has never left me.  What's more, it has to be blindingly fresh to be at its best.

So this is where Hawkes Bay comes to the party!  Fertile land blooming with great produce and the wide open Pacific Ocean right on the door step.  It's a perfect storm, if you will, of a desire to bring you tasty fresh food captured in simple combinations with the best ingredients.

Our menu will change as often as it needs to, so we can

offer you the freshest food we can get our hands on.

I bet you'd like a drink to go with that

So we're taking the same approach to our beverages as we do with the food.

The Beers and Cider are all made in Hawkes Bay.

We're taking a little liberty with the wines and spreading the love from Gisborne,

all over the Hawkes Bay and down to the Wairarapa.

There's such a staggering amount we can offer you but we don't have room for it all, so the concept is a small list that's always changing and lots available by the glass. 

We've also introduced a Hawkes' Bay Icons List - local legends with national recognition as fine wines,

along with a 'Special Ones' Cellar List of favourites and oddments from the World Over.

It's all geared toward seafood so there's always something we can recommend for your dish!

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